Capital of the Ice

The Ice City
Jerusalem to Host Its First International Ice Festival



During March-May 2012, Jerusalem will be hosting its first-ever ice festival, to take place at the city’s old train station compound.


It will feature a spectacular display of famous Jerusalem sites – all carved in ice – and other special attractions.


To accommodate the festival, a special 1,500 sq. m. display area will be


erected, with ice skating rinks to be built next to it, as well as an area for


performances and a bar made, naturally, of ice. The exhibition area will


operate at a temperature of 10 degrees below zero.


The ice sculpture exhibit will feature some of Jerusalem’s unique sites,


including Tower Of David, Montefiore and more.


Visitors will enter through the ice-carved version of Jaffa Gate,


and will go through a track that will include ice slides and other attractions linked to the various exhibits.



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